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The Sensokan offers a martial art system that focuses on real world self defense taught in a traditional fashion. It is taught by Ted Hanulak Sensei who draws from his real life experiences in law enforcement and years of nightclub bouncing.

"Learning a Japanese martial art is much more than the mastery of a physical technique. It is the development of "mizu no kokoro" - "mind like water". This allows the mind to react to anything it is confronted with, without fear or hesitation. This is the true path of budo." - Ted Hanulak Sensei


Welcome to the Sensokan Dojo Indianapolis website. We are a traditional dojo for adults only. We offer the extremely effective Japanese martial art of Jujutsu and the discipline of Zen meditation in the tradition of the Samurai. Under the direction of Ted Hanulak Sensei.


Adults Only 18+

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